"Hit the Jackpot"
2008 Las Vegas ASCA Nationals Pre Show

Results Page

Thank you to all the Judges and participants
who helped make our show a success!

Congratulations to all our winners!!!!!!

Juniors-ASCA Breeder Judge Myste Havens
BJH-Bryn Elliott with CH. Testimony's Oh So Heavenly from the Open Sr. Class
RJH-Katelyn Scott with ACH. Stonepine Shanghai from the Open Sr. Class
Open Sr.(12)
1st Place Bryn Elliott with Ch. Testimony's Oh So Heavenly
2nd Place Katelyn Scott with Alt. Ch. Stonepine Shanghai
3rd Place Erica Escalada with Alt. Ch. Penn Y Caerau's Glowing Ember
4th Place Adrianne Tullier with Ch. Slydrocks Obvious Conclusion
Nov. Sr. (1)
1st Place Madison Wheeler with TuckerCreek Rookie Of The Year
Open Jr. (8)
1st Place Julia McNeill with Steelblu Last Man Standing
2nd Place Bayley Wiliams with Testimony's She's All That
3rd Place Sarah Blinco with Heartstrings Ella Enchanted
4th Place Malory Churhill with MMM Win Chaser
Nov. Jr.(1)
1st Place Samantha Reeve with Touchstone Ironhorse

Puppies-ASCA Breeder Judge Heidi Mobley

BOBp  from the 4-6 month Merle Dog Class,
Wyndstar Twist Again             Owner/Handler:Kerry Kirtley
BOSp  from the 2-4 month Sold Bitch Class,
Visions Shawn                      Owner:Ronnie Bates & Wayne Kirby /Handler:Ronnie Bates
2-4 Month Merle Dog (0)
2-4 Month Solid Dog (2)
1st Place Visions's 12X Gold      Owner:Ronnie Bates & Wayne Kirby/Handler:Ronnie Bates
2nd Place Eaglecres's Dappe Dan     Owner/Handler:Pat Parker
4-6 Month Merle Dog (2)
1st Place Wyndstar Twist Again       Owner/Handler:Kerry Kirtley
2nd Place Justamere Holy  Smok Owner:J. Fritz & K Scott/Handler:Katelyn Scott
4-6 Month Solid Dog (4)
1st Place Heartstrings Ace Of Spades    Owner:K Tillia, L. Gross, B. Maloney/Handler:Karen Tillia
2nd Place Lyonsbrook MaxiMillion   Owner/Handler:E.L. Carlon-Hudlin
3rd Place Sonkist Advantage Federer   Owner:Heather & Shelley Hawkins/Handler:Heather Hawkins
4th Place Spring Fevers Daydream Believer Owner:K, S & C Scott/Handler:Katelyn Scott
2-4 Month Merle Bitch (4)
1st Place Eaglecrest's Crystal Light     Owner/Handler Pat Parker
2nd Place Vision's Nastia   
Owner:Ronnie Bates & Wayne Kirby/Handler:Ronnie Bates
3rd Place Sherbil's Catch Ya Later  Owner/Handler:Gayle Kukulka
4th Place Hidden Treasure's Tiger Lilly  Owner:Diane & Daniel Harney/Handler:Diane Harney
2-4 Month Solid Bitch (5)
1st Place Vision's Shawn   Owner:Ronnie Bates & Wayne Kirby/Handler:Ronnie Bates
2nd Place Rosewood's Heart Of The West   Owner:Tina & Karrie Burks/Handler:Tina Burks
3rd Place Eaglecrest's Devine Design     Owner/Handler:Pat Parker
4th Place Landslides Deja Vu Of Prestige   Owner:A. Curtis, N. McCullough & C. Blowers/Handler:Alisha Curtis
4-6 Month Merle Bitch (6)
1st Place Camano's Victoria Secret  Owner:Teri & Steve Morgan/Handler:Teri Morgan
2nd Place  Calais Carolina Chase N A Tune   Owner:M. Price, T. Morgan & S. Poplin/Handler:Jamie McClannahan
3rd Place Spring fevers The Beat Goes On  OwnerK, S & C Scott/Handler:Katelyn Scott
4th Place Playboy Covergirl Of Prestige  Owner:A. Curtis, N. McCullough & B. Nelson/Handler:Alisha Curtis

Veterans-ASCA Breeder Judge Heidi Mobley
BOB-Veteran from the 10+ Dog Class
CH. Dream On's Ready To Rumble   Owner/Handler:Deborah Pollard
BOS-Veteran from the  10+ Bitch Class
CH. Just Do It Of Stone Ridge      Owner/Handler Jennifer Cannon
7-9 Dog (9)
1st Place Zane Gray Axona dox Azul   Owner/Handler:Theresa Nieman
2nd Place Old West Renegade Rider  Owner/Handler:Kyrstin Niemeyer
3rd Place Ch. Upcomin's Chmnyswp At Caralot  Owner:D. Armstrong & A. Bair/Handler:Tom Armstrong
4th Place Ch. Hisaw Unexpected @ Heatherhill  Owner: J & R Gravette/Handler:Regi Gravette
10+ Dog (2)
1st Place Ch. Dream On's Ready To Rumble Owner/Handler:Deborah Pollard
2nd Place Ch. Love Is To Moonlights Valentino  Owner/Handler:Mary Jean Shaffer
7-9 Bitch (5)
1st Place Ch. Mooreas Critics Choice  Owner:M. Price & K. Dellamater/Handler:Jamie McClannahan
2nd Place Ch. Melodys Full Of Surprises   Owner/Handler:Catherine Davis
3rd Place Alt. Ch. Penn Y Caerau's Glowing Embers    Owner:C. Elliot & E. Escalada/Handler:Erica Escalada
4th Place Ch. Montrose Leaving The Shadows  Owner:Barbara Brooks/Handler:Moira Cornell
10+ Bitch (6)
1st Place Ch. Just Do It Of Stone Ridge Owner/Handler:Jennifer Cannon
2nd Place RHF's Blowing In The Wind  Owner/Handler:Robin Bolender
3rd Place Ch. Taisho Kaboon At Sundown    Owner/Handler:Lynn Hamon
4th Place ATCH-SP Ch. Black Rock's Imperial Tarn    Owner:E. Maurere & D. Grubel/Handler:David Grubel

Altered Confromation-ASCA Breeder Judge Heidi Mobley

BOB/BOW-Casa Blancas Sweet Drmn Zoltie   Owner:Roxanne & Jack Leon/Handler:Linda Moss
BOS-CH. Haulin' A's  Jamaican me Crazy  Owner:C. Potts & M. Hamelin/Handler:Margaret Hamelin
Premier 5 Dogs
Alt. CH. Sunswept's Motion Approved  Owner/Handler:Glenda Stephenson
Alt. CH. Tri-Ivory As Good AS Gold  Owner/Handler:Amanda Hutchinson
Alt. CH. Spring Fevers Go The Distance Owner/Handler:Katelyn Scott
Alt. CH. The Executive Of Stone Ridge  Owner:J & C Cannon/Handler:Jennifer Cannon
Alt. CH.Old West Gambler's Dream  Owner:C. & F. Marki/Handler:Christine Marki
Premier 5 Bitches
Alt. CH. Penn Y Caerau's Glowing Embers Owner:C. Elliot & E. Escalada/Handler:Erica Escalada
Alt. CH. It's All About Me  Owner/Handler:Sheri Bacon
Alt. CH. Upncomin's Pre Obstinance  Owner/Handler:Andrea Bair
Alt. CH. Kaweah's Eclipse Of The Moon  Owner:V. Williams & D. Wright/Handler:Valerie Williams
Alt. CH. Legends Wish Upon a StarNitani  Owner:S. Shope-McDaniel & A. Shope/Handler:Stephanie Shope-McDaniel
Winners Dog-Kiss Me Kate's SGT Romer  Owner:Bill & Dianne Watt/Handler:Denise Creelman

2Reserve Winners Dog-Marabill's Anything But Ordinary  Owner:Doug & Livia Quan/Handler:Laura Abbott
6-9 Dog (0)
9-12 Dog (0)
12-18 Dog (1)
1st Place Eden Oaks Hot Off The Press   Owner:D Davis, D Pollared & L. Snyder-Martin/Handler:Deborah Pollard
Novice Dog (0)
American Bred Dog (1)
1st Place Testimony's Love Me Tender  Owner:Bill & Cici Menchen/Handler:CiCi Menchen
Bred By Exhibitor (1)
1st Place Veritas Tail Of Roque Raccoon  Owner:S. Mc Cully & D. Hill/Handler:Sharon McCully
Open Blue Merle Dog (4)
1st Place Kiss Me Kate's SGT Romer  Owner:Bill & Dianne Watt/Handler:Denise Creelman
2nd Place Marabill's Anything But Ordinary  Owner:Doug & Livia Quan/Handler:Laura Abbott
3rd Place Three Bi's Ill Take My Turn  Owner:Connie Gohl/Handler:Nina Scott
4th Place After All Rome If You Want To Owner/Handler:Kathy Peycke
Open Red Merle Dog (2)
1st Place Red Forrest Zenas Lucky Chance   Owner:Penny Hart/Handler:Laura Diebold
2nd Place Agua Dulce High Speed Chasse    Owner:Beth & Lance Holcomb/Handler:Beth Holcomb
Open Black Dog (3)
1st Place Ivanhoe Sir Ronland Over-Over OTDsd, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O   Owner:J. Massey & D. Towns/Handler:Moira Cornell
2nd Place Old West Hobbes    Owner/Handler:Christine Marki
3rd Place Agua Dulce Shake Your Bon-Bon  Owner/Beth and Lance Holcomb/Handler:Beth Holcomb
Open Red Dog (0)
Winners Bitch-Casa Blancas Sweet Drmn Zoltie   Owner:Roxanne & Jack Leon/Handler:Linda Moss
Reserve Winners Bitch-Peppertree's Magic In Motion Owner/Handler:Allyson Kaiser
6-9 Bitch(0)
9-12 Bitch (0)
12-18 Bitch (0)
Novice Bitch (0)
American Bred Bitch (2)
1st Place Heartstrings Girl Talk  Owner:B. Maloney, C. Blincoe & M. Maloney/Handler:Katilyn Blincoe
2nd Place  Goldring's The Perfect Storm  Owner/Handler:Michele Satterfield
Bred By Exhibitor Bitch (1)
1st Place Eden Oaks Oh My Heaven  Owner:L Snydr, M & D Pollard/Handler:Deborah Pollard
Open Blue Bitch (1)
1st Place Casa Blancas Sweet Brmn Zoltie Roxanne & Jack Leon/Handler:Linda Moss
Open Red Merle Bitch (0)
Open Black Bitch (5)
1st Place Peppertree's Magic In Motion Owner/Handler:Allyson Kaiser
2nd Place Gold Nugget's Princess Warrior Owner:Karen Fava/Handler:Laura Abbott
3rd Place Skyryders As Good As It Gets  Owner:J. Kinstle & C. Shank/Handler:Karen Tillia
4th Place Red Forest Princess Lismore  Owner:M. R. Barbour & S. F. Barbour/Handler:Marcy Raye Barbour
Open Red Bitch (1)
1st Place Koala-T's Red Hot Mystery  Owner: Gail & Jennifer Petlig/Handler:Jennifer Petlig

Intact Conformation
BOB-ASCA Breeder Judge Tiffany Levin Almeroth

BOB-CH. Meodys Everybodys Talk'n       Owner/Handler Catherine Davis
BOW-Melodys Armed And Dangerous      Owner/Handler:Roman Duellge
BOS-CH. Carolina Calais On The Fly       Owner/Handler:Heather Hawkins
Premier 5 Dogs
CH. Heatherhills Dazzle Me Montana DNA-VP  Owner/Handler:Mary Arnold
CH. Wyndstar Street Legal   Owner:Moria Cornell & Kerry Kirtley/Handler:Moria Cornell
CH. Harmony Hill's Money Talks   Owner/Handler:Heather Braddock
CH. Crofton Hide And Seek GS-N, JS-N, RS-N  Owner:
Linda Braun & Mary Ferentino/Handler:Linda Braun
CH. Hearthside Nothn' To Lose  Owner/Handler:Nancy Brooke
Premier 5 Bitches
CH. Three D's Exoctic Showgirl  Owner/Handler:Patti Fedak
CH. Summertimes Rainbow Chaser  Owner:Marlene & Spiro Constance/Handler:Marlene Constance
ATCH CH. Casa Blanca's Sparkle Plenty DNA-CP Owner:Judy Chard/Handler:Linda Moss
CH. Maine-ly's Schooner Blue    Owner/Handler:Dennis Witham
CH. Carolina's Iron Rose Of Calais  Owner:T. Lee, T. Morgan & S Poplin/Handler:Lindy Patrick

 Dogs-AKC Judge Katheryn Raymenschnider

Winners Dog-Melodys Armed And Dangerous      Owner/Handler:Roman Duellge
Reserve Winners Dog-Nobility's Leave Your Hat On  Owner:Patzold & Kreutzkam/Handler:Melanie Kreutzkam
6-9 Dog (14)
1st Place Nobility's Leave Your Hat On      Owner:Patzold & Kreutzkam/Handler:Melanie Kreutzkam
2nd Place Halifax Prince Of Tides     Owner/Handler:Fran Swanson
3rd Place Everready Don't Forget The Lyrics   Owner:Lisa Ott & Lindy Patrick/Handler:Lisa Ott
4th Place Melody Hit The Jackpot    Owner/Handler:Catherine Davis
9-12 Dog (10)
1st Place Fallscreek-Po's Bodacious   Owner:Oliver & Faye Scott/Handler:Sue Fullington
2nd Place Kickapoo's Stellar Magnitude  Owner:L Friberg & K. Reeve/Hadler:Laurie Friberg
3rd Place Heartfire's Master Of Ceremony   Owner/Handler: Julie Humeston
4th PlaceMalpaso's Shaken Not Spur'd    Owner:Donna Doubler & Mirjam Walter/HandlerDonna Doubler
12-18 Dog (17)
1st Place Melodys Armed And Dangerous      Owner/Handler:Roman Duellge
2nd Place Crofton Kid YOu Not          Owner:Linda Braun & Mary Ferentino/Handler:Linda Braun
3rd Place Velocity's Anchors Aweigh      Owner/Handler:Jill Brass
4th Place Gulfstream's Sutter Home RN      Owner:Pauline & Larry Andrus/Handler:Larry Andrus
Novice Dog (2)
1st Place Outlaw's Bringn' Sxy Bk To Desertlite   Owner:Kyrstin & Michele Baker/Handler:Kyrstin Baker
2nd Place Hearfire Flaming Glory     Owner:Michael & Diana Higgs/Handler:Michael Higgs
American Bred Dog (8)
1st Place Po's Rock N Sensation     Owner:Sharon Shouse/Handler:Sue Fullington
2nd Place Fly By Nite Lunar Eclipse  Owner:laurie & Carmen Atkinson/Handler:Carmen Atkinson
3rd Place HRH Stiff Competition   Owner:Karen Churchill & Melody Franklin/Handler:Karen Churchill
4th Place SkyHi Testimony Outa Your League  Owner:Susan Harris & Chris Rodgers/Handler:Susan Harris
Bred By Exhibitor Dog (8)
1st Place Fe302's Heart Of Bubba    Owner/Handler:Jacque Bass
2nd Place Rhapsody's TakinCare Of Business   Owner:Laurie & Corey Lambert/Handler:Corey Lambert
3rd Place Old West's Ridin' Away at Deserlite   Owner:Krystin & Michele Baker/Handler:Kyrstin Niemeyer
4th Place Adore's Caught Ya Streakin'   Owner:Alan Waterman & De Angelo/Handler:Alan Waterman
Open Blue Merle Dog (9)
1st Place Melodys Chariman Of The Board    Owner/Handler:Patrick Weil
2nd Place Hearthside Say It Again     Owner/Handler:De Angelo
3rd Place Adobes Dance It Up     Owner:Wendy Summers/Handler:Jewel Fuls
4th Place Steelblu Last Man Standing   Owner/Handler:Julie McNeill
Open Red Merle Dog (5)
1st Place Kaitan'sCardinal Of The Kremlin  Owner:Nick & Kellie DeSoto/Handler:Kellie DeSoto
2nd Place Big Trouble At Testimony      Owner:Testimony/Handler:Jillian Ward
3rd Place Sierra Echo Spica Quazar   Owner/Handler:MaryJean Shaffer
4th Place MMM Win Chaser   Owner:Malory & Karen Churchill/Handler:Karen Churchill
Open Black Dog (7)
1st Place Fly By Nite Facny Dancer  Owner/Handler:Laurie Atkinson
2nd Place Elite Stonecrest Stungun   Owner:Jackie Bayes & Donielle Lowrie/Handler:Jewel Fuls
3rd Place Melody's Hard To Concentrate   Owner/Handler:Emile Bernard
4th Place Veritas So Hot Right Now   Owner/Handler:Sharon McCully
Open Red Dog (4)
1st Place Sierra Rose Kickstart A Legend     Owner/Handler:DiAnna Williams
2nd Place Justamere 2Hot4U  Owner:J.Fritz & K. Scott/Handler:Katelyn Scott
3rd Place Firewater's Just Meant 2B   Owner/Handler:Christy Friedmann
4th Place  Heartstrings Crown Royal   Owner:Becci & Megan Malloney/Handler:Megan Malloney

Confromation Bitches-ASCA Breeder Judge Ginger Abbott

Winners Bitch Summertimes Fire Flies                Owner:Sandy Sakal/Handler:Cory Lambert
Reserve Winners Bitch Lyric's She's No Lady   Owner/Handler:Lindy Patrick
6-9 Bitch (15)
1st Place Lyric Everready Black Ice Couloir   Owner/Handler:Ann Chernoff Allan
2nd Place Baywinds Major Attraction  Owner:Wendy Waggoner & Alan Crook/Handler:Gina Stubblefield
3rd Place Wyndstar's Well Red     Owner/Handler:Kerry Kirtley
4th PlaceVeritas Seasons Of Love  Owner/Handler:Saron McCully
9-12 Bitch (12)
1st Place Spring Fever Shenanigan  Owner:K., S., & C. Scott/Handler Katelyn Scott
2nd Place Granduer Miata At Snozone    Owner:Thomas & Elaine Perkins/Handler:Elaine Perkins
3rd Place Heartfire's Queen Of The Rose   Owner/Handler:Julie Humeston
4th Place Sandylands Here's To 08   Owner/Handler:Denise Creelman
12-18 Bitch (18)
1st Place RedRocks Zoe Mary   Owner/Handler:Penny Pape
2nd Place Testimony's She's Al That  Owner/Handler:DiAnna Williams
3rd Place Velocity's Splashin' Around  Owner:Jill Brass & Cynthia Carley/Handler:Jill Brass
4th Place Dalton Gang's Granpa's Girl  Owner/Handler:Brenda Siegrist
Novice Bitch (1)
1st Place Mary's Double M Shannana  Owner:M & M A Wisecarver/Handler:Mary Alice Wisecarver
American Bred Bitch (12)
1st Place Camano's Designed For Ewe  Owner:Teri Howard & Steve Morgan/Handler:Teri Howard
2nd Place Wyndstar Justa Add Jewels  Owner/Handler:Karen Churchill
3rd Place Redrocks Darstar Sunlight  Owner/Handler:Kathy Bryan
4th Place Melody's French Connection  Owner/Handler:Catherine Davis
Bred By Exhibitor Bitch (22)
1st Place Energie's Can't Resist  Owner/Handler:Maria Viktoria Patzold
2nd Place Ragtime's Golden Slipper   Owner:T & B Smith & S J Fuls/Handler:Jewel Fuls
3rd Place Wyndstar Just Add Baubles  Owner/Handler:Kerry Kirtley
4th Place Stone Ridge Devils N Angels Owner:J. Cannon, C. Cannon & M Tripp/Handler:Jennifer Cannon
Open Blue Merle Bitch (14)
1st Place Hearthside Say No More  Owner/Handler:Betsy Atkinson
2nd Place Angeldew Aces High Of Dancin' Eyes   Owner:N. Jackson & J. Hatcher/Handler:Nancy Jackson
3rd Place Adobes Accentuate The Positive     Owner:Wendy Summers/Handler:Jewel Fuls
4th Place Cobblestones Bella Blue   Owner:Christine & Aicia Sapa/Handler:Christine Sapa
Open Red Merle Bitch (11)
1st Place Sandylands Pretty Woman   Owner:D. Creelman & C. Patterson/Handler:Denise Creelman
2nd Place Shorelands Watz All The Talk About  Owner D. Pollard & K. Woodrow/Handler:Deborah Pollard
3rd Place Criteria's Little Red Hen   Owner:T. Swenson & C. O'Connor/handler:Terri Swenson
4th Place Camady's Belle Of The South   Owner:Mardi Price/Handler:JamieMcClannahan
Open Black Bitch (21)
1st Place Lyric's She's No Lady  Owner/Handler:Lindy Patrick
2nd Place Stone Ridge Sparks In The Dark  Owner:C. Cannon, J. Cannon & M. Tripp/Handler:Jennifer Cannon
3rd Place Woodlakes Designed 2 B Naughtey  Owner/Handler:Maury & Wendy Finsterwald
4th Place Heartfire's Amazing Grace  Owner/Handler:Julie Humeston
Open Red Bitch (10)
1st Place Summertimes Fire Flies  Owner:Sandy Sakal/Handler:Corey Lambert
2nd Place Woodlake's In A Red Hot Minute    Owner:L. Frieberg & C Cheeseman/Handler:Laurie Frieberg
3rd Place Center Stage Of Prestige Owner:N. McCullough & A. Curtis/Handler:Nancy McCullough
4th Place Snozone's Lady In Red Owner/Handler:Elaine Perkins

Again Congratulations to all our winners!!!!!!
All information is taken from the show report and entry forms, My apologies for any incorrect and/or missing info.